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What customers told us:

"An excellent and surprising journey! The highlight for me was the off road driving and the Maasai Mara. The tour guide René Molenberg was perfect! The contact with the office was excellent. As improvement I would warn that the conditions of the roads after rain are bad." 
Petra Hummel - Uganda Gorilla Safari - July 2017

"Tour was totally fantastic, a dream trip. The combination between nature and culture is amazing. Highlights the visit to the chimpanzees and especially the gorilla tracking was totally brilliant. Biking on dirt roads through parks is fantastic. Contact the office good."
Peter van der Meulen - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2015

"Great off-road trails, gamedrives, and encounters with local people. Tour guide, mechanic and driver super team together. I had a super time. "
Eugène Kuijvenhoven - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2015

"Highlights the gorillas. Tour guide Dunn Matata is a winner! The tour is fantastic! "
Dick ter Braak - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2015

"Beautiful unpaved roads, great country. Highlights: The spontaneous singing  and a dance performance by a group of Pygmies, and the contact with the local population (English speaking) ".
Mickel ter Braak - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2015

"The tour is amazing, nice build-up, good overnight stays. Really enjoyed it. Highlight: Kidepo and riding through the wildlife parks."
Paul Vlisman - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2014

"Tour is fantastic. Motor Trails is a great company, personal, short lines of communication and people who think with you. Highlight Kidepo and the Sipi Falls."
Kees van der Kaaij - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2014

"It was a terrific, wonderful  trip. I really got away from it all, left home and work behind! A very beautiful country, excellent route, great tour guide!"
Koen Fillekers - Uganda Gorilla Safari 2013

"Exceptionally beautiful nature, it’s as if you ride around in the garden of Eden, only with natural jumps :-) The off-road riding is brilliant fun. The animals inside and around the parks, the sometimes downright spectacular locations of our overnight accommodation (Kidepo, Ruhya, lake Mutanda etc.), the enthusiastic people and children en route. What makes it really special is that you are allowed to ride through the animals, elephants and buffalo etc ... And the gorillas and the trekking were a sublime experience! "
Ronald & Marga Wortelboer - Uganda Gorilla Safari 2013

"Yet another great Motor Trails experience !!!! Lots of variety and superb off-roading. The tour definitely surpassed my expectations!"
Rian de Ruiter - Uganda Gorilla Safari 2013

"A very special trip because the country has different types of landscapes and riding experiences to offer. From steppe to jungle, from superb asphalt to mud, from plains to mountain tracks, also from hot to very cold. Uganda is also the only country in the world where you are allowed to enter the wildlife parks on your motor bike and even more special when you think that Motor Trails is the only motorcycle tour company in Uganda! If you love motorcycling and you love nature this is a tour not to be missed. A magnificent experience!"
Yusuf Kho - Uganda Gorilla Safari - December 2012

"Wonderful tour. Enjoyed the nature, the people, the wildlife parks and the animals. For me the off-roading came in 2nd place. I had to get used to the much higher speeds in comparison to the Enfields in India and Nepal. When it came to reliability the motor bikes were disappointing. They broke down too often, which caused delays. We managed nevertheless to reach our destination at the end of the day. But for some of us that meant in the support vehicle instead of on the bike. Mostly beautiful places where we stayed overnight. On the whole I thought it was a wonderful tour, which has met my expectations and at times surpassed them. Tour guide Martin was excellent. Did a good job dividing his attention between all participants. Remained positive throughout with each new "challenge". Maintained good teamwork with Ali and Seckie. Had a wonderful trip. A next tour, however, would have to have better engines. That would make the experience totally unique. "
Laurens Hollertt - Uganda Gorilla Safari - December 2012

"The contact was good. The site is clear and comprehensive and after booking you will get sufficient information through the travel books and travel guide provided. Questions were quickly and clearly answered by mail. Uganda is a magnificent country, the Tour shows you all parts of the country and its people. The motor bikes really need to be better. For me the highlight was the Kidepo park, and against my own expectations, the mountain gorillas (am not a lover of apes). Tour guide Martin is top notch. He made sure that we really had a great time. Together with Ali and Segki he managed to get everything organised and resolved."
Michel Kruik - Uganda Gorilla Safari - December 2012

"The contact with Motor Trails was good. Felt very personal. It was an incredibly beautiful tour. And I would recommend it to everyone, a lot of off-road riding, beautiful nature. Lots of variety and incredibly friendly people. Highlights are camping in Kidepo (real added value!). The off-roading. The variety in terms of environment. The contact with the (very friendly) local people. On a motor bike through the wildlife parks. The Gamedrives. Martin was a very pleasant tour guide. He is sociable, dividing his attention between all members of the group, thought with the group, was open to suggestions, considered all participants and clearly did his best to make it work, and work well. Mustn’t forget to pass on my compliments to driver Ali, a very nice and capable person."
Hugo van Kolfschoten - Uganda Gorilla Safari - December 2012

"Contact is good, clear and transparent information. Uganda is very rewarding, beautiful country and enthusiastic people, the tour was sufficiently varied. Highlights:... Kidepo National Park, gorilla trekking but absolutely also the country itself, the diversity of the country and its people. Maarten is a good tour guide, enthusiastic, has a lot of experience, plenty of stories. The whole team was very good; The 3 of ‘m, Maarten, Alli (driver) and Seki (mechanic) took care that the trip, in spite of all the problems with the motor bikes, went well."
Danielle van Trigt - Uganda Gorilla Safari - December 2012

"Contact with Motor Trails is excellent! From the very first presentation until the final fully worked-out schedule it has been a to-ing and fro-ing of organising whereby Motor Trails always showed flexibility to meet our ‘needs’. "Highlights were riding the bike through a wildlife park and then camp there to boot. Even when camping the ranger (with loaded Kalasnikov) was there, next to the campfire ... But also the landscapes, the people, the climate, the tour group, the "adventurous" roads, the excitement and the relaxation, it was all in perfect balance. Tour guide was a great guy, excellent ‘motard’ and skilled in everything that makes up a tour guide!"
Jef Hoeylaarts - Uganda Gorilla Safari (private group) - November 2010

"For me the tour was more than I expected. Uganda is a beautiful country, very diverse and yet all do-able with the bike. The bikes were in good condition and were serviced daily. Highlights were the motorcycle rides through the wildlife parks, a unique experience. Also, I won’t ever forget the encounter with the gorillas. Last but not least, the super friendly reception we got from the Ugandans everywhere was infectious !! Bart and local guides formed a solid team and made sure the whole ran like clockwork right from the beginning.”
Nick Dams - Uganda Gorilla Safari (private group) - November 2010

"Tour answered perfectly to expectations and hard to beat ... Highlights are of course meeting our cousins in Bwindi. The motorbike ride through the wildlife parks in amongst the wildlife, that is too tremendous."
Jan Dierckx - Uganda Gorilla Safari - November 2010

"Contact is first class. Tour is fantastic, very beautiful and well organized tour."
Martijn Woltjer - Uganda Gorilla Safari - October 2010

"Super Tour. Many variations in accommodation, and every day we reach our end destination feeling very pleased. Good and enthusiastic tour guide Martin."
Harry van de Werf - Uganda Gorilla Safari - October 2010

"It was amazing, what an adventure. We will have much to think back on. The group was very sociable and Martin was a tower of strength."
Petra Roijers - Uganda Gorilla Safari - October 2010

"Contact is organised, clear, good, complete. The trip was great, varied, adventurous."
Siert Woltjer - Uganda Gorilla Safari - October 2010

"Contact is particularly pleasant. The tour lived up to my expectations. The unexpected and unplanned travel components, eg. piece of night-riding, extremely slippery road on account of the rain and an evening trip through traffic jams in Kampala make this trip even more attractive. Keep the tour as adventurous as it is now ... Nothing but praise with as highlight (besides off-roading on dirt tracks), the encounter with the mountain gorillas."
Pieter van der Sar - Uganda Gorilla Safari - October 2010

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