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Uganda Rwanda Safari

Day 1 - Flight departure - arrival Kampala
You will be picked up at the airport. Kampala is a big city with friendly inhabitants. Even though the president of Uganda doesn’t have a good reputation in Europe, the population of Uganda is content about their government and trade is growing. 

Day 2 - Kampala -  Lake Mburo 
Today we leave the busy city of Kampala. Getting out of the city in a traffic jam on the highway is an experience. We keep an eye on each other as much as possible. After 80 kilometers we pass the equator. Here you can test on which side of the earth the water turns left or right. We drive further south. Lake Mburo is a small national park surrounding the lake of the same name. Here we will spot small groups of zebras, buffalos and giraffes. In addition, there are many bird species and we will probably hear lions tonight. Optionally, you can join a night safari with a professional ranger to spot animals that are not or hardly active during the day, such as bush babies, hyenas and leopards.

Day 3 - Lake Mburo - Lake Bunyonyi
We start the day with a nice off-road route towards Mbarara. Then a highway follows towards Kabale. Next it is a short off-road drive to the parking lot. The motorbikes will remain on the bank. We take a hollow log as a canoe to our accommodation, simple safari tents, on an idyllic island in the crater Lake Bunyonyi. That means 'place of the little birds'. Here we enjoy the natural beauty and the spectacular views of the volcanoes.

Day 4 - Lake Bunyonyi - Nyagatare
In the morning we take the canoe back to the mainland and get back on the motorbike. From Mbarare we take a southern dirt road along the border with Tanzania. This takes us to the three country point and to the most unused border with Rwanda, Kakitumba. This border is usually open. On the Rwandan side the road leads past Parc National Akagera. Nyagatare is the provincial capital. Accommodation is fairly basic.

Day 5 - Nyagatare - Kigali
We follow a dirt road and slowly climb to the lowland into the hills. From Ngarama the road becomes wider but remains unpaved. Depending on the time left today we can drive on the provincial border to Gasabo on the main road,  however we could also follow unpaved roads to reach Kigali. In the afternoon you can visit the genocide museum and the hotel Milles Colinnes (hotel Rwanda from the film of the same name).

Day 6 - Kigali – Nyungwe Forest
Today we drive on beautiful unpaved routes further south and then turn west. Via a dirt road we enter the large and relatively unknown Nyungwa Forest, home to 13 monkey species including chimpanzees, golden meerkats, fringe monkeys and baboons. This park is one of the largest primeval forests in Central Africa. The vast, immense forest has many flora and fauna species. It is a bird watchers paradise.

Day 7 - Nyungwe Forest - stay
We will stay in the National Park the entire day. In the morning we take a walking safari. The walks start in the middle of bright green tea plantations. We walk past picturesque villages, extensive hills and dense forests full of primates and special birds. Later in the day we do the adventurous canopy walk, over a dangling bridge between the treetops, at a height of no less than 50 meters. If there is still time left, we can make an afternoon trip in the area.

Day 8 - Nyungwe Forest – Gitesi
We drive towards the big Kivu lake. Here we follow a beautiful route along the coast, this route winds over large mountain ridges, which again gives beautiful views over the lake. We spend the night in the village of Gitesi. From here we can explore the freshwater lake with its fishing boats. You can lie lazily on the beach or take boat trips and kayak trips to discover islands.

Day 9 - Gitesi – Ruhengeri
All day long we follow the coastline of Lake Kivu again. This is a mountainous area and therefore often gives great views. Ruhengeri is the place we are going to. Every now and then the road is very bad. At the top of the lake we turn off and drive along the many volcanoes of the Volcanoes National Park of the same name. This gives spectacular images.

Day 10 – Ruhengeri – Lake Mutanda
We drive on a winding road between two lakes and then arrive at the border with Uganda. In Uganda we drive to the town of Kisoro and then follow a path of lava rock into the mountains and finally arrive at the fantastically located resort on Lake Mutanda.

Day 11 - Lake Mutanda - stay Gorilla tracking
We will spend the entire day visiting the Gorillas. We arranged the necessary permits in advance. Only eight people per day are allowed to visit the three gorilla families. We can stay with the family for a maximum of one hour. A family sleeps in a different place every night. In the early morning so-called 'trackers' are sent to locate the family.  The group of eight visitors, led by a guide and a few rangers, will then be guided through the dense forest to the family via GPS coordinates. How long we have to walk to get to the gorillas is therefore entirely dependent on where the family is. But that one fascinating hour with the gorillas is worth every walk.

Day 12 - Lake Mutanda - Ishasha 
Today we drive into the real highlands. Of course, this also means very bad roads in Uganda. Prepare yourself for a wonderful but tiring day. Beautiful mountain ranges shrouded in mist reveal themselves and are interspersed with tea plantations. Groups of women in colorful clothes walk through the fields with a big load on their heads. This is a beautiful part of Uganda. Ruhija is a small village where the research center of Bwindi is located, here we will stop for lunch. The unpaved roads take us across the mountain range to the hilly landscape along Lake Edward. Here begins the Queen Elisabeth National Park. A long, unpaved road runs through this park. We follow this route and almost certainly see wildlife on the way. Uganda is still the only country in Africa where you can ride throw nature parks with a motorbike.  In the southern part of the park, which is also called Ishasha park, we spend the night in a safari camp on the banks of a river. Often elephants and hippos walk along and through the river.

Day 13 - Ishasha - Kibale Forest 
Ishasha park is also known for its tree-climbing lions. With the support car and possibly an on the spot rented safari truck we drive further into the park searching for these lions. After this Safari we drive further north. We pass the equator. On the west side of the road is the Ruwenzori mountain range, with  the 4.843 meters high mount Baker. On the east side is the Kibale Forest National Park. We spend the night here in a jungle lodge.

Day 14 - Kibale Forest - Chimpansee trekking - Kampala
Early in the morning we go into the dense jungle with a ranger. This part of the forest is inhabited by chimpanzees. From a greater distance you can already hear the huge population of chimpanzees who are foraging high in the trees. When we get closer they will first show that they are the rulers of the forest. With a lot of noise and shouting they will come close to us and approach us from all sides. If it is clear that they are the boss they leave us alone and we can observe them from very close. We can stay in the vicinity of the Chimpanzees for up to an hour. After this impressive walk we step back on the motorbikes and drive towards the long road back to Kamapala.

Day 15 - Kampala - Entebbe - departure

Day 16 - Arrival - Home




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