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Tanzania Kilimanjaro

What customers told us:

“This was a beautiful motorcycle trip with awesome routes. This trip was not too difficult. The best part was the last stage to Mombassa with a nice long stretch driving off-road.  I would like to drive a bit more off-road and I would add one extra day. Jan was a great the tourleader. Contact with the office was pleasant.."
Gerard Huberts - Tanzania Kilimanjaro - January 2020

"It was a very nice itinerary, but unfortunately we  three days in a row a lot of rain. Jan was very relaxed, we had a very nice group. Little to improve.  What can you do about rain? It is advisable to book a few days longer, so that you do not have to drive through the rain, so you can wait a day and do something else - I should have asked you many more questions to get a better idea of ​​the possibilities. The best thing I found was all the off-road pieces that we did, and of course too short but nice meetings with the locals. Jan the tour leader is just a very pleasant person. Contact with the office was great."
Elles Middeljans - Tanzania Kilimanjaro - October 2019

"This motorbike trip was great! A very varied trip, beautiful landscapes, super nice off-road trails! Very nice and good accommodation, excellent guidance! The best thing I found was the offroad route on the 2nd day and furthermore the atmosphere and driving through Africa with everything that comes with it, I thought it was a super trip Ko, the Dutch tour leader was great, very nice, just a good pace, enough stops. Also the local driver of the following car Peter was very nice and helpful. Can't be better. Contact with the office was good, quick response to questions."
Richard Bierhuizen - Tanzania Kilimanjaro - January 2019

"This motorbike trip was full of highlights, a fantastic experience and great, the tour guide was good."
Jos Zonneveld - Tanzania Kilimanjaro - November 2017

"This trip was very good, guidance was excellent, everything was perfect."
Jacques Schouterden - Tanzania Kilimanjaro - September 2017

“The tour was perfect, Motor Trails is perfect. Tour guide Jan Nauta and his people are excellent and enthusiastic people. The whole trip is one big experience with many highlights,  I would like to see  more 10 - and 12 day trips in your tour packages as offer.”
Johan Huisman - Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - January 2017

“Had top-notch holiday. Contact with office was first class. Tour was really beautiful, super, great and varied, but pretty tough.  Daily distances could be smaller as far as I’m concerned.”
Sylvia van der Kraan - Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - November 2016

“Demanding tour, some long bike-days. Highlight the Jeep safari in Tsavo Park prior to the motor safari, the cook makes really tasty dishes every day. We’d love to make another motor tour, but one where there’s more time given to culture and such.”
Marloes van der Kraan - Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - November 2016

“Magnificient trip, and one I look back on with a lot of pleasure. Highlights were the bike trips through the hinterland and the enthusiasm of the people, the children in particular. The maintenance and repairs of small technical hitches ran smoothly. The tour guide was excellent.”
Berry Buitelaar - Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - September 2016

“Contact with Motor Trails is very good. You can ask questions any time and you get an clear answer very quickly. The info you get beforehand is straightforward and complete! The trip itself was one big fantastic adventure!! Lots and lots of variety, loads of brilliant off-road biking!! Heavy sometimes, but always a buzz!! So enjoy!! This was my third tour with you, and definitely the most adventurous one. Also due to overnight camping at amazing locations! Really varied, it was like 2 trips, one after the other ...! And finally: Not to forget tour guide LIDWIEN! Super girl” Rounds off the whole tour perfectly!!! A huge thank you!! And till the next time.”
Rian de Ruyter - Tanzania 2008

“Super, fantastic, unique, friendly, adventurous. Keep up the good work!”
Esther Duivis - Tanzania 2007

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