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Sri Lanka Mountains and Coast

Day 1 – Home – departure

Day 2 – Arrival – Colombo / Negombo
Depending on your flight, you will arrive at the airport of Colombo in the morning or afternoon. The drive to the hotel in the centre of Negombo is about 20 minutes. In the late afternoon we will pick up the motorcycles and meet the driver / mechanic who will accompany us on this trip.

Day 3 – Negombo – Kalpitiya (Puttalam Lagoon)
Straighaway after we leave Negombo the road becomes less crowded,  particularly when we leave the highway and we will ride on smaller roads.  Along the coastline there are a lot of shrimp farms. We will ride through palm tree plantations. Next  we will follow an unpaved road to the Northern direction of Kalpitiya. This area is very popular among kite and wind surfers, therefore there are a lot of small, cosy resorts. We will stay in a resort close to the beach where you can stroll or watch the surfers in the nearby lagoon.

Dag 4 - Kalpitiya - Dambulla
Today we will ride towards the East into the inland. Soon we will leave the highway and ride on small and poor quality country roads who are sometimes unpaved.  The area where we will be driving is characterized by the many water tanks and extensive rice fields that provide a beautiful view.   Along these roads, we find many artificial lakes (pokunas). These lakes date back to the 12th century. Pokunas are shallow water resevoirs that absorb the monsoon showers and are used as irrigation storage.

Our hotel with swimming pool is located in the outskirts of the vivid village Dambulla.

Day 5 – Dambulla – stay
We will stay one more day in Dambulla as there is a lot to do around here! Close to our hotel, you can find the Golden Temple, also called the Dambulla Cave Temple. The Golden Temple is a complex of historical Buddhist buildings. The wall paintings, with a total surface of 2.100 square kilometres, shows how Buddha was challenged by Mara, but to no avail. 20 kilometres away from the hotel, you can visit the Rock of Sigiriya. This is one of the seven places of Sri Lanka that are listed on the World Heritage List. The Rock of Sigiriya consists of idyllic spots surrounded by walls and cannels. On top of the rock there is a citadel, which used to serve as a palace. Now it’s just a ruin.

On the North side of the rock you can reach the Mirror wall that is situated halfway the steep stairs. On the Mirror wall you can see frescoes of women. When you climb further up, you will find a terrace and the remains of the Lion’s Gate. This is where the name ‘Sigiriya’ originated from, the translation is Lion’s Rock. You can also visit the Minneriya Giritale National Park. This park is relatively small, but it has a huge variety of wildlife. For example spotted deer, sambar deer, purple coloured langur monkeys and macaques, but the most famous one is of course the elephant.

Day 6 – Dambulla – Polonnaruwa
If we haven’t done this yesterday, we will visit the Golden Temple today. When we get back, we will pack our luggage and start the short ride to Polonnaruwa of approximately 2 ½ hours. We will ride past the Angammedilla channel and later the Giritale Wewa Lake, our hotel is located next to the Lake. In the surroundings there are rice fields.

Tonight we will have dinner in a special restaurant. It is about 6 kilometers from the city, and can be reached following a dark path. There is a great diversity of delicious Sri Lankan dishes. And fresh! Our host grows almost all of his ingredients in his own garden and his wife uses them to make a  delicious dinner.

Day 7 - Polonnaruwa - Trincomolee
Via secondary roads, along landscaped canals, where the locals wash themselves, but also do the laundry, and extensive rice fields, we drive further east. Then we drive unpaved through the eastern part of Somawathiya National Park, where there may still be elephants, towards the main road and then turn off again for beautiful off-road paths through extensive rice fields in the eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

We spend the night just outside Trincomolee, a luxury hotel with swimming pool, on a river that flows into the Indian Sea.

Day 8 - Trincomolee - Pasikuda
The morning leg goes off-road through Somawathiya National Park, a combination of densely planted small trails and extensive dirt roads, where many elephants still live in the wild. Then again a bit of paved main road, but we will turn several times and find unpaved paths through small villages, along vast lakes and rice fields.

Our overnight stay is again in a luxury hotel with swimming pool and directly by the sea.

Day 9 - Pasikuda - Mahiyangana
We quickly turn off the main road and drive unpaved into the interior. A clearly disadvantaged part of Sri Lanka, where relatively few people live and many rice fields. In short: a wonderful off-road section, some parts of which can be just as difficult when the surface is wet.

Then we drive via the main road to Mahiyangana, a not so well known place for tourists. Very worthwhile to stay here for 2 days.

Day 10 - Mahiyangana - stay
Today a special experience: you will first visit the oldest tribes of Sri Lanka called the Vedda's. Then we go on a special safari in Maduru Oya National Park. There are hardly any tourists here and we will be one of the few to find the wild elephants that live here. Especially at sunset they emerge and, in combination with the darkness, a great experience.

Day 11 - Mahiyangana - Kandy
After breakfast we drive to Knuckles Forest Reserve. Via the old road we ride into the mountains, where we will have several stops to enjoy the view. If we feel like it, we can ride a beautiful route through tea plantations before going to Kandy. Our hotel with swimming pool is close to the city centre and offers a breath-taking view on the valley.

Kandy is a place to visit the Temple of Tooth, where a remain of Buddha’s tooth is exhibited. The temple is situated in the royal palace complex. Since the ancient times, this piece of tooth played an important role in local politics because people believe that the one in pocession of the tooth must rule the country. Behind this royal palace complex, you will find the World Buddhist museum that is definitely worth a visit. Furthermore, it is fun to stroll through the bustling city centre and over the colourful market.

The hotel is not far from the center and has beautiful views over the valley.

Day 12 – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya
We will leave Kandy via the main road to “enjoy” the busy traffic and its many smelly busses. The further we get away from Kandy, the calmer it becomes. After 18 hairpin curves we leave this road for smaller roads. Around us we find many rice fields. Via Victoria Randenigala Rantembe Sanctuary we start gaining altitude and soon enough we are riding through a beautiful area with tea plantation as far as we can see. We keep this view until we reach Nuwara Eliya.

We arrive early in the afternoon so we have time to visit the nearby tea plantation of Pedro of 1885. In the afternoon, we can take a tuktuk to the city centre of Nuwara Eliya. This city looks very British because of the many big colonial houses and hotels. A cup of afternoon tea will be the finishing touch!

Day 13 – Nuwara Eliya – Ella
We leave Nuwara Eliya and soon we will also leave the highway. Via small roads we will zigzag through the many tea plantations that offer breathtaking views. While we gain altitude, the road becomes smaller and of lesser quality. When we cross the top, we will head for a small path that first goes through a forest and later through small villages where people earn their money by working on the tea plantations.

Towards the end of this day, we will get to a viewpoint. When the weather is clear the view is magnificent.  Next we will get to our destination of today: Ella. This is a friendly village with many restaurants. We will spend the night in the outskirts of the centre, in the middle of the woods.

Day 14 – Ella – Tissamaharama
After breakfast, we will head South. The first part is calm riding through mountains. Via a small path, we get to the main road. We will ride to Tissamaharama via Lunugamvehera National Park where elephants can cross the road. Our hotel is situated between the rice fields in the suburbs of Tissamaharama.

Day 15 – Tissamaharama – Udawalawa
This will be a very special morning, because we will go on safari in Yala National Park! At 4:30 am we will be picked up by a jeep. While it is still dark we will drive into the park. The early morning is the best time to spot wildlife. There is a big chance we get to see crocodiles, elephants and many exotic birds, perhaps even leopards! Around noon we will be back at the hotel, and after lunch we will make the short trip to Udawalawa National Park, where we will spend the night.

Day 16 – Udawalawa – Mirissa
After breakfast we will visit a elephant orphanage and sanctuary. Next we will head further South. Following many small paths, along rice fields and through palm tree plantations, we will arrive in seaside town Mirissa. The hotel is situated 300 meter from the beach and there are many restaurants in the surroundings.

Day 17 – Mirissa – stay, day trip
Today we have a day off to enjoy the tropical beach of Mirissa. If you wish to do something active, we can travel by train to the Galle fort. This is about 40 kilometres. Galle is a colonial town that was built in 1663 by the Dutch VOC after the Portuguese were spooked away by 2000 men who arrived with 12 ships. Definitely worth a visit!

For who has never seen dolphins or whales in the wild, this is your chance! A few kilometres from the coast, you can see many kind of whales in the morning. For example the blue whale with a weight of 170 tons and a length of 30 metres, that reaches the surface for some air and hopefully goes back down with a beautiful dive.

Day 18 - Mirissa - Deniyaya
We leave the south coast behind and head north again into the mountains. Rice fields and later tea plantations emerge as we climb. The roads narrow and the climate slowly gets cooler. Today's drive is approximately 3 hours, so we will arrive early in the afternoon at our accommodation in Sinharaja Rain Forest National Park, a rainforest with numerous special birds, monkeys and plants. We spend the night in a calm oasis with animal sounds.

Day 19 - Deniyaya - Kitulgala
During breakfast we enjoy tropical sounds in the background. Then we climb with our motorbike over a mountain and drive through a wooded area and then descend following beautiful hairpin bends. We are now driving on the main road but we will quickly turn again to drive towards Kitulgala which is again in a hilly and wooded area.

Our open-plan cottages are located right on a river to once again enjoy the natural sounds when you go to sleep.

Day 20 – Kitulgala – Negombo
This area is known for its rafting. In the morning you can experience this adventure facing rough waters.  After lunch we will get on our motorcycles for one last time to ride towards Negombo. We will avoid the crowded roads as much as we can, and use smaller roads. Eventually we will arrive at the hotel where we started this trip. In the evening, we will end this beautiful tour having a great last dinner together.

Day 21 – Negombo – departure
Today you will be brought back to the airport in Colombo with a cab.

Day 22 – Arrival – Home
Depending on your flight, you will arrive home today.

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