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What customers told us:

"This tour was fantastic, I had a really great holiday. A complete new experience to explore a country on a motorbike. The predominantly non touristic itinerary was great, very varied and fantastic views. I enjoyed most the entire experience however mainly riding some parts off-road. Awesome! Remco knows a lot about Vietnam and he was amicable with our group and with locals. Regularly we got a bit last however Remco always found interesting little mountain roads, this was a great journey. I had a lot contact with the office due to missing my connecting flight in Moscow.  Early in the morning I got contact and an alternative flight has been arranged. This was my first trip with Motor Trails, I am planning my next trip already! "
Jeffrey Lagendijk - Vietnam Highlights - december 2019

"Scenery was very nice, it was good riding and we had a good group on our Northern Vietnam Highlights tour. I would like to have a bit more off-road driving, however I  understand that in order to see the highlights we have to travel a certain distance, otherwise we would not have seen as much. There was not one single highlight, however severa: curvy asphalt roads and off-road stretches, traffic in Hanoi's old quarter, in fact the whole of the journey was great. Marco, the tour guide is great, he knows the country, speaks the language and creates a good atmosphere in the group. The Vietnamese mechanic was very helpful. Contact with the office in Amsterdam via e-mail was friendly, quick response during the trip and on location we had good communication.  I do not have any other comments: I will be back!!!!"
Seijs Seijsener - Vietnam Highlights – november 2019

"This motorcycle trip consists of a series of highlights, new experiences, unexpected twists. Beautiful scenery! Local people were surprising in several aspects. The best that I was riding on my own in totally unknown territory and I enjoyed it. I felt relaxed driving on a bad road (my eyes still offroad) and I learned to drive through chaotic traffic. Improvement: convince my boss that I should stay away for holidays longer! Marco, the tour guide was always happy, cheerful. Knew the way, spoke the language, knew the habits and showed us a lot. I'm definitely planning another trip with you. your choice is just too extensive ... I think I have to return several times. Contact with the office was almost always direct contact or a quick response on my email. "
Elise Bunschoten - Vietnam Highlights - November 2019

"This motorbike trip was excellent! This was exactly what I expected! Highlights were the visits to local markets, we had a lot of contact with the local population. Personally, I would stay a few extra days in Vietnam but the fellow travelers were happy with the planning. The organization was fine. Thanks for your good guidance."
Susanne Kerner- Vietnam Highlights – November 2018

"Thanks for this unforgettable experience, I would like to purchase a 10-ride ticket! This motor trip was amazing, very special experience. There were a lot of highlights. The contact with the office was fine. "
Mick Sonnenfeld - Vietnam Highlights - March 2018

"This motorbike trip was fantastic, very special. I especially liked that you're so close to the local people. The hotel in city centre of Hanoi was a perfect location, we could walk and experience life in the city. I would lik to suggest to make a picture of the group. Highlights for me is that we met mountain people at home, this impressed me a lot. Marco the tour guide was great, and fantastic that he spoke Vietnamese, therefor "communication" with local people was possible. He showed interest in the group members. Everything was perfectly arranged. Contact with the office was excellent. "
Wil Vermond - Vietnam Highlights - March 2018

"It was a fantastic trip, worth repeating. All days were highlights. Marco the tour guide was good and very helpful. Contact with the office was pleasant, I got enough help and explanation. "
Christine Wakefield - Vietnam Highlights - March 2018 

"This trip was in one word amazing!!! The local tour guide mr. Hoa was also great. And my favorite highlight were the rides along the river." 
Bert Bos - Vietnam Highlights - March 2017

"The new combination North - South is long but offers a good insight into the contrasts to be found in this land. The highlight was the north part because of the nature and the small roads; also the southern Laos border and the part through the park. Tour leader Marco is driven, enthusiastic and is very knowledgeable about the country, speaks Vietnamese, whereas Remco has a structured approach."
Peter Fox - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"Fine people, good motorcycles and generally very good roads. Marco is an adept tour guide and has extensive knowledge of the country and its people. He ensured that I have seen more of this country than had I done it on my own initiative. Reminiscing about the wedding, the visit to a local person’s home and the new path. So Marco, thank you very much for this excellent trip. Contact with the travel office was fine. Point for improvement: riding for seven consecutive days is intense and we often arrived late so there was little opportunity to explore the places where we stayed."
Daniel Esselink - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"The trip was great and we are hungry for more. We would love to go again immediately. The nature was breathtaking, the routes fun and challenging, the contact with the local mountain peoples inspiring. We liked Marco as our tour leader. Great that he speaks Vietnamese through which we could share all these unusual experiences. Contact with the travel office was fine."
Annelies van Zanten - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"The trip was great. The trip was a highlight. The whole team is good and contact  with the travel office was also good. Ha Long Bay was not really a worthwhile addition, far too touristy. 
Sella de Jongh - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"The trip was fantastic! The days in the mountain regions were sublime. Point for . improvement: a clearer travel handbook. The local tour guide Hoa had sufficient knowledge of English, was reliable and had a good sense of humour. Great introduction to group travel by motorcycle. "
Peter Kurstjens - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"Excellent contact with the office. Too little time to explore. Point for improvement: shorter daily travel distances to experience the country more. Highlight: view of the Chinese border and off-road sections. The local tour guide to Ha Long Bay stopped on both the outward  and return trips at a commercial outlet."
Leo Hoogendijk - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"Contact is very good. All appointments were on time and properly implemented. Travel is fascinating and interesting, riding on a good motorcycle.  The tour leader Hoa is an exceptional tour guide. He is friendly and helpful. The driver and mechanic also did their best. It was an extraordinary experience about which I really like reminiscing"
Adrianus van Herk - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is very good. All information and questions were answered very well, personal wishes granted and all agreements fully met. The trip offers plenty of variety. Plenty of motorcycling. Good roads and beautiful scenery with many impressions. It was great to have a support car available which I could use when the road was difficult. Highlights include the interaction with the local inhabitants; witnessing local everyday life; joining in the traffic and riding through the beautiful countryside. The tour guide Hoa is very capable and helpful; very thoughtful in all his actions. He made good suggestions during the two extra days he was with us on the road. Everything was very professionally arranged and carried out and the  travel handbook is a good reference.  Personal wish: more simple trips during the summer holiday period."
Claudia Sigmond - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is fine, friendly and jovial and what I found important was the feeling that time was made for you. The trip was great! Really top notch. From Schiphol and the stopover in Moscow it was apparent that we were a good group. The supervision of the trip in Vietnam was superbly organized.  Nice guys! Good food and understood what the group liked. All the following were highlights: the off road sections; the water buffalos with children on their backs through which we had to zigzag our way;  the delicious food from street stalls; the beer on arrival at the end of the day’s ride; the cold coffee during the day; the people who had to listen to my revelations; the wonderful nature and, in bed in the evenings, the echo of the many “Hallo”s, in particular from waving children. The tour guide was fantastic !!! Hoa is a hero with patience, humour and insight. He built the pace up quietly and responded well to what the group wanted. Ting and Hung, mechanic and driver respectively, kept everything under control and provided extra service.  This was the first trip like this for my wife and I. My brother also joined in for the first time with his girlfriend and a friend.  is first moved with his girlfriend and one size. They have much experience yet were never bored. The women found it the most challenging but had the biggest grins on the bumpy roads and crossing the flooded roads! During the trip itself, we checked the Motor Trails website for our next trip! We have during the trip already looked at your site for the next trip! It’s a pity that there are no other ten day trips as these suit us better (mostly timewise but also budget). Congratulations to your team!! "
William Gooren - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is good. Travel is fabulous. Due to the good build up, each day was better than the previous one. The homestay was the funniest / best in Ba Be. The tour guide’s English could be better  Very helpful and enthusiastic."
Jochem Rope - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact very good, simple and approachable. Trip is good. Tour guide is good but should speak better English so he can tell you more about the country and the people."
Ben Schulte - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact is friendly and effective. I did not enjoy the trip as much as I had expected. Possibly not the country for me and too little variety in the landscape. We wre without luggage and medicine for the first three days due to an error by Aeroflot. I think that the direct influence of Motor Trails / a Dutch tour guide would have solved the problem more efficiently. Highlights were visiting a school, a local family and the paddy fields at the start of the trip. Nice change. The tour guide was good but his English was very mediocre."
Huib Avelingh - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact with Motor Trails is fine. Very nice trip, sometimes the daily trips were on the long side leaving little time for photos and contact with people along the way. Overnight stays were fine and the food was really good. The group of nine travellers, led by the Vietnamese guide, got on well.  Highlights were the mountains and meeting the local inhabitants; visiting a school was great. The extension with the boat trip in Ha Long Bay was superbly organized. Luxurious rooms and perfect food. Highly recommended for people who have enough time for this. The tour guide Hoa is someone who makes every effort to meet our wishes, in spite of his inadequate English.  The support vehicle with one or two people responded to the needs of the group well. An English course for the tour guide would enable him to understand everything and to be able to explain things clearly."
Frank Aerts Poll - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Very nice trip with good hotels and a super ending in Ha Long Bay. Travel handbook is not up to date and the information concerning check-in was incorrect, giving Vietnam Airlines instead of Aeroflot. Highlight was Ha Long Bay. As I am used to talking to foreigners as part of my work, I was able to understand the tour guide more or less but others in the group had more difficulty. Other than this, he was a great guy. Forwards to the next trip!
Henk Aerts Poll - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact is good! Both booking and on location in Vietnam. The trip met all my expectations! There are always things that could be better! Not sure what though. What I found extremely positive were the motorcycles which were in excellent condition! I have been on several motorcycle trips and have had bad experiences with poorly maintained motorcycles. On this trip this was really well organized. Everything together made it one great highlight. The tour guides are superb hosts!  Only working to make everyone feel at home! You should treasure  hosts like them!”
Mark van Muijen - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is good, efficient, friendly and helpful. I would not have missed this trip for anything and it will not be my last one either. Thank you! Point for improvement: in the travel handbook it says that off road experience is not absolutely necessary. I can imagine this is fine when it is dry but but when it rains, in combination with the poor roads (being worked on everywhere) this is absolutely necessary. An English language course for the tour guide is also recommended. Highlights of the trip itself: each day was a highlight;  Hanoi; the mountains; the people; riding at the end in Ha Long Bay. After the fourth day it began to rain and I lacked  sufficient power both with my 125cc engine and my lack of off road experience which is absolutely necessary. It was possibly also due to being 70. It was all too much on the last two days due to the unbelievably poor roads which were very slippery. Nevertheless, I would not have missed this adventure for anything. Many compliments and praise for the tour guide and the driver of the support vehicle; they were professional, helpful, considerate and belonged to the group. The tour guide thought everything through well, thoroughly evaluating what everyone could manage. "
Peer Crommentuijn - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is excellent. Information is clear, also during the earlier visited information evening. Trip is fantastic. Much seen within an acceptable period. Highlights: since the route and overnight stays became better and better each day, every day was a highlight. Vietnam is an excellent motorcycling land. The tour guide is excellent outrider, guide and mechanic. Friendly, attentive and concerned. He knows the correct local addresses. I missed some information about the area; Hoa would be advised to learn more on this subject. I hope he will invest his tip on an English course. The tour guide who took us to Ha Long Bay was more easily understood and offered more information on the population and economy. The length of the trip was fine for me and for the other stragglers. To be repeated. Thanks."
Guus Wolters - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is goo, friendly and spontaneous. Great trip. Point for improvement: nothing. Highlights: everything. Tour guide: great. I want to go again immediately."
Dennis Beks - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is friendly and clear. A great trip!! Highlights for me were the visits / contacts with the local population (including the kindergarten). A good tour guide who still can learn something but nothing to complain about !! Especially in combination with the driver of the support car (Hung), very attentive and considerate. The guide needs to have a backup contact person within the group (for example someone who manages the kitty). The length of this trip was considered perfect by everyone in the group, allowing some people to join in, in combination with work etc. "
Germ Post - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016  

The contact was good and easy; no criticism. The trip was great, a beautiful country, good motorcycles and a knowledgeable tour guide. There were no highlights; the whole trip was great. The tour leader Hoa is a good tour guide, a friendly Vietnamese with great knowledge of the country and always willing to answer questions on any topic. Much knowledge about where and where not to eat, and every time just before dark at the hotel. Sometimes difficult to understand due to his Asian accent, but his English is more than good enough."
Guido Serné - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is very good. Good clear answers and a healthy enthusiasm. Trip is indescribably beautiful. Highlights: the unspoilt surroundings. Tour guide:  both (driver and outrider) extremely friendly and helpful. Motorcycle saddles were very hard especially for the "highway" sections."
Menno Ovaa - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact: superb; I cannot fault it. The trip was good; reception in Hanoi was slightly less so due to miscommunication but a single phone call to Maaike and it was solved. Point for improvement: nothing.  Everything was a highlight for me; I think that the seven day trip has the advantage of each day being a different experience. Tour guide Hoa and his partner were top notch, very helpful and certainly nothing to complain about. Recommendation: more of these types of trips but lasting ten days, preferably including two weekends; this will allow a hardworking entrepreneur such as myself to participate in the trips more frequently."
Johan Huisman - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"The trip was absolutely top notch!! Beautiful country, nice people, great motorcycling. Highlights include riding on the backroads; the basic way of life for most of the people there – what a load of worriers we are with our stressful society. Furthermore, the things that people there know how to carry on a two-wheeler, fantastic! The tour guide Hoa, although actually a mechanic and now designated as tour guide, has stepped into his dual role with ease. Nothing is too much for this man; he fixes everything; arranges everything. The carefree manner in which we were able to carry out this trip is largely due to his account. The driver of the support car also contributed to the pleasure and ease of this trip in his own way. Congratulations to both!!!! It is and was a fantastic trip !!! "
Rik van Oudenrijn - North Vietnam with local guide - November 2014

"Contact with Motor Trails is relaxed and unintrusive. The trip was a great experience. Participants must understand well that it is not a series of day trips. In bad weather, fog or rain, real experience is required. Furthermore, I did not like Sa Pa very much, too touristy. Highlights:  off road riding, touching the Chinese border,  coming into contact with people in the mountains, visiting a cattle market, the atmosphere of the country. Tour guide Hoa was a great mechanic, an artist. An excellent would-be tour guide; not possible to divert him for his task. I would like to take him with me; nice man too.  Note continue in particular with these kinds of destinations. Thanks Marco and hopefully see you next time."
Camiel Swildens - North Vietnam with local guide - November 2014

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